Arthur Ménard-Salis      

Born in 1995
Paris / Strasbourg

Motion made me relearn reading and writing. Text is the cornerstone of my work, under the condition that we treat it the same way as any other material. This way, it inhabits the book, playing with the editorial conventions, or it vibrates from the body of an imaginary being in fragile clothes.

By the way, words are sometimes an excuse. If I wish to become a fish, I’ll write about the ocean, after sewing the last hems of my shiny outfit. Then the fish will scream the words in a microphone. If comes the idea of a poster wider than me, I will invent a large narrative to be printed on it.

Through performance art, I hope to tell stories that, if they are not understood, could at least make people laugh or cry. I expect a show to be realizable with limited means, so that the pieces of furniture of the room (a table, a video projector, a curtain…) could be sufficient to draw a scenic space. Likewise, the costume has to be easily hidden inside everyday clothing, from the tank top to the sock including a pocket lining.

Otherwise, the boxes the noises the words […] the fixed images or motion pictures which accompagny my art practice are meant to be modular, to be (re)assembled according to a context, rather than ultimate artworks.

If I sometimes sit at my desk to write, creative writing is still a living process. In this idea, I am currently developping writing workshops mixing danse, improvisation and collective organization.

Collective Shows and
public performances

Discord Festival, Corridor / Salle des Colonnes, Fabrique de Théâtre, Strasbourg (FR)

↑ interview by Cécile Becker (in French)

EscarGO!, remote performance in collaboration with Aude Wiard, INACT Festival, Strasbourg (FR)
Youpi Galerie perfomance, La Chaufferie, Strasbourg (FR)
Mime Toaster performance with Lise Herdam, Hors-Format group winter solstice evening, HEAR, Strasbourg (FR)
Co-creation of a short performance for the evening “Nous ne savons pas dissocier la tête et le corps mais on a des rince-doigts” with the Noun collective, OFF Christmas Market, Strasbourg (FR)
Last Year at the Car Park, Performance Poetry, Gutenberg car park, Strasbourg (FR)
Vergers (”Orchards”) : Co-organisation, Poetry performance Eux dans l’eau at the HEAR of Strasbourg (FR)
C’est très important, Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg (FR)
Le Seuil, curated by Simon Marini, Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines (CEAAC), Strasbourg (FR)

As a workshop creator
and facilitator

Co-facilitation for a performance workshop with seventh grade classes, Strasbourg (FR)
Experimental Writings (co-organisation) : proposal of body and voice exercises for a physical approach of creative writing during the “Hors-Limites” (”Out of Borders”) week at the HEAR of Strasbourg (FR)
Co-organisation of the workshop Reply – Tactics to Counter Language Oppressions, Hors-Limites week at the HEAR of Strasbourg (FR)


Higher National Diploma in Art Expression, Master level, with honours,
Haute École des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg (FR)
• 02-05/2020
Workshop Déroutes with the French choreographer Mathilde Monnier, in partnership with the University of Strasbourg (FR)
• 09-12/2018
Exchange semester, Concordia University, Montreal (CA)
Get Radical! A Seminar in Community Organizing (4 months)
National Diploma in Art, Bachelor level, with honours,
Haute École des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg (FR)
2017-2018 :
Internship in cultural mediation “Museums for everyone ?!”,
Educational and Cultural Department Of The Museums of Strasbourg (FR) (6 months)
One-year preparatory in Art,
École d’art du Grand’Angoulême (FR)
2013/2014 :
Year 2 of Bachelor in Philosophy
University of Strasbourg (FR)

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