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Module : A Closet

Painted wood, hinges, lock
200cm x 180cm x 80cm
Firstly designed for the Vergers (”Orchards”) exhibition à the Haute École des Arts du Rhin of Strasbourg, for the performance poetry Eux dans l’eau, in relation with Mathias Martinez’s drawings.

- He unlaces his Dr Martens
- He takes off his Dr Martens
- He takes off his glittery socks
- He lets his Dr Martens and his glittery socks in an invisible area of the room
- He takes off his striped shirt and his jeans
- He puts on a black playsuit up to the middle of his chest
- He puts down his folded up jeans and striped shirt near the closet
- He goes into the closet, closes behind him, then extends his arms in the dedicated orifices 

- He stands one hour from the beginning of the opening, keeping his arms in the orifices
- He removes his arms inside the closet and covers the arm holes
- He uncovers the breast hole
- He covers his breast with the top of the playsuit, right in front of the hole
- He move away from the breast hole, pulls up the playsuit zipper, then plugs a neon —previously put in the closet — in order to reveal the drawing of a naked sailor through the breast hole
- He unlocks the door, comes out of the closet, locks the door, puts on his jeans, his striped shirt, then reads a poem about naked sailors into the microphone.”

Views from the exhibition Vergers (Orchards), co-organized with Maël Escot, Lina Lefèvre and Mathias Martinez in Strasbourg.

Pictures: Garance Coquart-Pocztar, Lina Lefèvre (left), Nicolas Brunelle (right)


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