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Bob Salis, It Will Be Fine

Under the heteronymous “Bob Salis”, It Will Be Fine tells the story of Aslym’s death for the benefit of a man wearing a sailor stripe jersey.

“Aslym just died
in the morning.
I was not less built-in in pink than yesterday
And yet I was standing in front of you.

We’ll bury you in the garden
not far from a napkin and cardboard piles

I hanged myself to your shoulders watching
a world I could not live
I’m not a ghost behind nor inside you

You are this weak puppet I had to throw in outside world […]

So exhausted
by the taken abacks
I saw them speak
watching you hear.

Why do they want to cry so much? (…)”


220 mm x 110 mm x 46 mm cardboard boxes containing 48 poems in 50 + 3 sealed enveloppes, 5 copies, 2018

In this version, each poem or part of poem is delivered like a death or birth annoucement in a ridiculously tight enveloppe. Will the bibliophile renounce to read the poems in order to keep the art piece intact?


Black and white laser print on 50g/m2, 148mm x 105mm, 141 pages collées glued on a cardboard support, print on demand (10 copies available), 2018.

This more affordable version is designed as a notepad on which you could take off each poem on after another the same way as a calendar block, or just read them cautiously. This edition is enriched with an unfinished work, The Beach, and a preamble, both under the name Bob Salis. It also includes approximate English translations of the said works, by the fictious author Cecil Arm.

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